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Read what people are saying about our crackers or leave your own comment below telling us what you think!  You can also email me and I’ll post the comment for you.

Bao said, “these are the finest crackers he has ever tasted”.  From a retired buyer and professional taster of a major hotel chain.

Ann said, “she loves the crispy crunch, it’s just right”. Ann has TMJ, so this was important to her in enjoying crackers.

Paul likes his cocoa coffee crackers with champagne.

Diane said, “she likes cocoa coffee for dessert”.  It’s low in sugar, so she feels she is cheating just a little bit.

Louise likes spice and cocoa coffee with blue cheese.   Wow, what a party going on!

Pat likes her crackers with pepper jelly and goat cheese.

Crackers are perfect for book clubs, dinner parties and tailgate parties.

Parents like the NG/Wheat Dairy Free Herb cracker for their young children, three crackers staves off hunger before dinner and they are low glycemic and high in protein.  These aren’t just for adults, kids love them too!


Crackers are so satisfying, they can stand on their own merits but please pair them with your favorite cheeses, fruits and beverages.

4 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Cindy says:

    Post a comment is too tame for what I have to say regarding this gluten free cracker. I would like to qualify my opinion. I am 58 years old and became what is now called a ‘foodie’ at the tender age of 18. I was passed a food item on ‘the farm’ in northern Minnesota, when it hit my tastebuds. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was an organically grown dried apricot. Need I say more? A short conversation ensued regarding organically grown food and it became my religion, much to most of my friends and acquaintances chagrin.
    The latest food fad is non gluten, and frankly for good reason.
    We over did it with the gluten thing and now we have to back the truck up.
    Thank the Gods that many have joined the bandwagon and we have some choices. Albeit most of them make life less complicated and we are able to enjoy some of our old standbys. The one place that no one product could stand alone without copious amounts of adhesives was the CRACKER. (Sorry ‘Mary’s Gone Crackers’, I can’t afford another crown.)

    I was introduced to ‘Morethanacracker’ in Spokane while visiting old friends last weekend. The way it was offered was almost in passing, “you remember my friends from Oregon, she’s making these gluten free crackers, I thought you might like to try one?”


    I live in area that where gourmet/organic/local/is somehwhat passe’. You can have whatever you want and it is the best of the best!
    ‘Morethanacracker’ absolutely shines over and above any gluten free product of it’s nature and could stand up and knock over most of it’s gluten peers.
    I applaud the fact that it does not contain any sugars that have been extracted from their natural state. Which we foodies have politely overlooked, now that we have organic evaporated cane/beet sugar to satisfy our need for sweet with salt.

    I have to admit that I thought perhaps my opinion my be slightly askewed, because I know you and you are such a good friend to my dearest friend.
    So, I put it to the test in my yoga studio and offered small bites to the foodiest of the foodies who are my students, gluten free and not.
    If there is a score that goes beyond 100%, you got it!!!!!!
    One more qualifying statement. I am an extremely busy person and for me to sit at this damn computer and extol the virtues of this product, is rather unusual, as in I have never spent this much time at any one sitting for any reason. If you have made it to the end of this verbose comment, you will thank me when you try your first bite!

    All the best,
    Cindy Running LMP/CPT/RYT
    Riverwalk Studio
    Mt. Vernon, Wa.

  2. bjb says:

    These delicious crackers are now my “go to” hot item whenever I am entertaining! They always get rave reviews from my guests. I wouldn’t dare have a party without them, now that my friends are all expecting them when I have them over.
    They are soooo good with any kind of cheese, especially goat cheese, and they really are an excellent compliment to
    any fruit platter.
    It’s embarrassing to admit, but my husband and I have “accidentally” eaten a whole package in one sitting, they are
    so addicting and flavorful! The good news is the crackers are practically guilt-free since they are full of healthy,
    wholesome ingredients.
    I have several friends who are gluten intolerant and they are just crazy for these wonderful crackers.
    I stock up on them heavily whenever I visit the Tillamook Creamery, where they sell them in their gift store.

    I would heartily recommend EVERY flavor to ANYONE!!! You will NOT be disappointed!

    Bobbie B
    Ridgefield, WA

  3. trudy98683 says:

    These crackers are just wonderful. Had so missed my crackers and so happy to find these at the Portland Chocolate Fest. My family loves them too.

  4. BMilbury says:

    My wife and I had the a great time sampling the line of different crackers Jan had to offer at a farmers market. My wife is an Osteopathic medical student and I’m a Naturopathic medical student and together we share a passion for nutrition and a nutritional rebuild for our country. Of course, the way we snack, munch and accesorise our main meals is a major concern and Jan has certainly developed an amazing alternative with these crackers! As we went down the line of samples we couldn’t believe how delicious each cracker was and how perfectly matched the flavors were. Then when we started reading the ingredients… forget about it! These crackers are amazing!! Such clean ingredients and so simple and with wheat free/gluten free options! She’s even got a no nut cracker for those of us who might be allergic. These crackers are high in protien and offer a low glycemic snack option that will without a doubt make you forget about your favorite…shall we say ‘not so healthy’ snack. Of course we came home with crackers and have ordered more through their website since. Fantastic customer service and they bake the crackers fresh right before they ship them! They are all amazing, however our favorites are the spice crackers and cocoa coffee crackers!

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