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Our Story

Welcome to Oregon’s Premier Cracker, this is our story     

The cracker was created out of a desire to make something delicious and healthy to snack on.  It had to be incredibly tasty, crunchy yet tender, nutty, savory, slightly sweet and have absolutely no unnecessary fats, sugars or sodium. In other words, “no empty calories”.  So, we created “MORE THAN A CRACKER“, crackers high in omega 3’s,  6’s and 9’s with no saturated fats from eggs, butter or oils.  These crackers are so satisfying you can enjoy them all by themselves.

The first cracker we made had all of the things we love, (rosemary, dried fruits, nuts and seeds) and so we called it “Herb”.  We realized we were missing chocolate and hazelnuts.  So, we found the richest non processed dark cocoa available in the USA with 26% fat content and a rich medium roast coffee, and we called it “Cocoa Coffee”.   We now have a “Chili Lime” cracker, it has four layers of aromatic chiles.  Three of the chiles are not hot but full of flavor and chipotle adds a little heat, we’ve spiked the crackers with lime zest and blended all the wonderful tastes of Mexico.

GLUTEN/DAIRY FREE VEGAN CRACKERS:  Out of empathy for our friends who couldn’t find any cracker snack that tasted good, grew the Gluten and Wheat Free crackers.  We developed the same tasty crackers with flavorful nutty tasting gluten free flours; Teff, Amaranth, Quinoa, Sorghum, Millet and Bean Flours. Then, we decided to take it up notch and created a “Vegan” Dairy Free cracker, using organic unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened brown rice milk with no carrageenan we use Guar Gum, Xanthan or Psyllium as our thickener.

To be completely honest…..I was appalled at what was available on the market; the lack of concern about taste and healthy ingredients.  I remember thinking, “just because a label says gluten free doesn’t mean it’s good for you or tastes good”. Most of the products we tested (some we couldn’t even bring ourselves to taste) were incredibly high in fat, sugar and salt, very scary.  It took a lot of research, trial and error before coming up with ‘the just right taste and consistency’.  You’ll find no soy, sweet rice flour, corn or oats and no butter, eggs or oils, low in sodium and a taste of molasses.  Each cracker flavor is unique, no cookie cutter recipe, each blend is special.

We at More than a Cracker are dedicated to researching out the best ingredients for our customers.  We update our research and change recipes accordingly to health alerts, why, because we care about you.

At More than a Cracker, we buy locally.  Organic flours are from Bob’s Red Mill and other local millers.  Raw nuts and seeds, un-sulphured dried fruits and spices are bought from local suppliers.  We are Oregon Department of Agriculture certified.

How they are made:  Did I mention labor intensive crackers?  Very demanding, yes they are!  First they are carefully blended with just the right amount of this and that.  Then, baked in biscotti like logs.  Hand sliced, yes each one!  Baked, flipped and baked again.  Gathered and dehydrated for hours.   Gathered again…..sorted for size so that they fit into a perfect little loaf of crackers.  And they are worth every effort!

Gluten Free Flours:  We chose gluten free ancient grain flours that are full of flavor; nutty, low glycemic and high in protein.   Amaranth, Teff, Quinoa, just to name a few.  We do not use soy, corn or oats.  A combination of flavorful, healthy flours, we spare no expense in blending the finest, tastiest flours for our crackers because you are very important to us!  And we didn’t stop at the flours, we use un-sulphured dried fruits, raw nuts and seeds, highly aromatic spices and the cocoa…. is silky, dark, rich and unprocessed with 26% fat content.  The beverages we use to blend our ingredients are organic unsweetened almond milk or brown rice milk which are CARRAGEENAN FREE!   Please note, carrageenan is a thickener used in many products such as salad dressings, cottage cheese, ice cream, yogurt and many more.  Please read labels carefully.   Carrageenan has been known to cause stomach upset and cancer, whether it does or does not, we have chosen not to use it. 

Farmer’s Market 2012

The wonderful response from our customers about our GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN crackers was a little overwhelming, some even cried!  Those who have no allergies said,  “they can’t taste the difference between our wheat or gluten free vegan crackers”, we came close and thank them for noticing.  Some customers, say, “vegan crackers are richer in flavor”.  You be the judge.

It warms our hearts to know you are making a great cracker choice, so with free conscience…….enjoy these crackers!

We hope you love our crackers as much as we do and agree that these are the finest crackers you will ever enjoy!

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